Appearances Devil May Cry 2

Flambats are fiery, bat-like demon spirits in Devil May Cry 2. They attack in groups and emit fire by sucking out the souls of nearby beings.[1] Dante encounters them first in Mission 2 while Lucia first sees them in Mission 5.


They are very small and very weak, unable to enter Devil Trigger even in Dante Must Die mode. They can be eliminated by the Submachine Guns quickly.


Their names may be a parody of Flambé, a type of cooking that results in high flames leaping from a dish, but only briefly, or a portmanteau of the words "flame" and "bat."


  1. Devil May Cry 2, Enemy File — Flambat: "A bat-shaped spirit that emits fire by sucking the soul from a living being. They are dangerous to fight when in groups."

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