Francoise Gralewski

Françoise Gralewski, born June 29th, 1970 in Paris, France, is an French actor, voice actor, story and film writer, and director.

in the Devil May Cry SeriesEdit

Françoise Gralewski provided the voice acting for Lucia in Devil May Cry 2.

Other RolesEdit

In Paris, Françoise worked with the leading Voice Over/Dubbing studios, lending her voice to many American and European Features and Television Series. In addition to acting, Françoise began writing screenplays.

In 1998, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. In 2003 Françoise was hired to write a CGI Feature Animation. In 2008, Françoise wrote, produced and made her directorial debut with the short film "Bon Voyage". The following year, she completed another project entitled "Ariel".

Since then she has been making minor live action appearances on shows such as CSI: New York, and has made minor voice acting roles in commercials.


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