I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with liiiiiiiiiiight!

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Hollow Dante

Mission VD03 01 DmC
Species Nephilim
Appearances DmC: Devil May Cry
Role Antagonist
Actors (En:) Tim Phillipps

Hollow Dante is a demonic doppelganger of Dante who appears within Hell in Vergil's Downfall.


After Hollow Vergil sends Vergil to avenge himself on Dante, Vergil finds Hollow Dante in a replica of the Central Penitentiary. Hollow Dante constantly taunts Vergil and sends demons after him, stoking Vergil's anger at the real Dante. Vergil eventually corners Hollow Dante on a replica of Assiel, where he slays him and takes his pendant.


Hollow Dante is a demonic copy of Dante with white skin, hair, and clothes, black eyes, and bulging veins around his eyes. He constantly smirks or scowls at Vergil, and wields the Rebellion.

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