Dmc4 fortuna artwork

A painting that depicts the Human World, as seen inside the Fortuna Castle

The Human World (人間界 Ningenkai?), or Earth, is the world in which Humans live within the Devil May Cry series. Unlike the real world, the human world in the series retains many connections to the demon world, allowing for such an abundance of demonic activity that people can make a living as Devil Hunters.


The human and demon worlds were once a single world, until they were split in two by some unnamed force. After a period of peace, the human world came under attack by a hosts of demons led by the devil king Mundus. Humans were no match for the armies of Hell, and demons ruled over the human world until Sparda woke up to justice. Sparda created a seal and locked the gateways through which demons came to the human world, thus separating the two again.[1]

Role in Devil May CryEdit

The Human World is the domain and home of the humans that exist in their natural state. Earth is obviously referred to as the human world, although the universe itself could be referred to as the human world. Aside from America, none of the games feature real based places, but rather fictional ones, like "Mallet Island", "Dumary Island", "Fortuna City", and "Dante's City" (which is never named at all aside from the fact that it is located in America).[2]

While the focus of many of the games is the demonic, and Dante often enters the true Demon World at the end of the game, the greater part of each game is set in a demonically-influenced human world where Dante often has missions in ruins or places of demonic culture such as the "Mallet Island" castle, the "Temen-ni-gru" tower, etc. However only low ranking demons inhabit the human world, while the high ranking demons are most seen in these demonic places, or specially summoned.


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