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Kablooey DmC
Katakana ケーブリー
Romaji Kēburī
Appearances DmC: Devil May Cry

The Kablooey is a firearm in DmC: Devil May Cry which fires explosive charges that stick to its targets. In the human world, it looks like a simple tazer.


During Mission 16, Vergil gives Dante the Kablooey when they meet each other in the elevator. Acquiring the Kablooey rewards the player with the You're not going to shoot me award.

Similar to Devil May Cry 4's Lucifer, Kablooey is able to fire explosive darts that can be detonated whenever Dante chooses.

Kablooey can be Shot Canceled up to three times by performing a jump and air hike after each shot.


As a firearm, the Kablooey can be cycled to with B u/Bx up.

Action Command (PS3) Command (360) Description
Shoot B s Bx x Fires demonic darts that embed themselves into enemies. The darts have no effect until detonated.
Level 2: Maximum of 5 darts

Level 3: Maximum of 6 darts

Detonate B s+B x Bx x+Bx a Detonates all darts currently embedded in enemies.


  • The Kablooey is similar in both design and function to the M363 Remote Projectile Detonator or "Sticky Detonator" from Halo 4.
  • The title of the award earned for acquiring Kablooey, "You're not going to shoot me", is a reference to Jester's line from Devil May Cry 3 "You're not going to shoot me are you? If you do, I'll die, you know?"

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