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This article is about the rocket launcher from Devil May Cry 3 and 4. You may be looking for a weapon from Devil May Cry 2.
Kalina Ann

Appearances Devil May Cry 3
Devil May Cry 4
Devil May Cry: The Animated Series

The Kalina Ann is Lady's trademark rocket launcher, and appears in Devil May Cry 3, the anime and Devil May Cry 4. It has the name of Lady's mother etched into the handle, and the bayonet attached to it can be used as a grappling hook or a close-quarters weapon. [1] Its long reload time can be circumvented by quickly switching guns between shots, allowing it to quickly take out entire crowds of enemies. Upgrading it increases its firing speed.[2]

In Devil May Cry 3, Lady lends the Kalina Ann to Dante after their fight in The Divine Library. She asks him to use this to "free" her father. Later, when Dante returns from the Demon World, he returns it to her.


Kalinna Ann is a brutal-shot firearm and has smaller amount of moves and missiles, however, with its owner, Lady it is increased in its ammo via "Hysteric" and its skillsets are also increased. Its thruster is able to charge up the power or speed in the missiles and its Bayonnett component is able to function as a grappling hook and a whip.


Devil May Cry 3Edit


Action Command Description
Normal Shot B s

Gunslinger StyleEdit

Action Command Description
Level 1
Hysteric B c (ground) Fire a huge barrage of mini-missiles at the enemy. Levels 2 and 3 increase the number of missiles fired at the enemy.
Level 2 & 3
Grapple B r1+B u+B c Launches the bayonet blade at the enemy, impaling them.

Devil May Cry 4: Special EditionEdit


Action Command Description
Bayonet Combo B t,B t,B t/Bx y,Bx y,Bx y A 3-hit combo. The final hit sends your enemies flying.
Bayonet Air Combo B t,B t,B t/Bx y,Bx y,Bx y (mid-air) A multiple strike combo that deals devastating damage to airborne enemies.
Bayonet Sting B r1+B u+B t/Bx rb+B u+Bx y (mid-air) Drop down on an enemy from above for a powerful strike.
Scatter B r1+B d+B t/Bx rb+B d+Bx y Toss a handful of grenades forward to light up the party with an explosion. Hold down the button to increase the throw distance.
Bayonet Sweep B r1+B u+B t/Bx rb+B u+Bx y Twirl Kalina Ann around once, clearing out the area around you.


Action Command Description
AT Missile B s/Bx x Fire a powerful missile. Projectiles from Kalina Ann become stronger as they cover more distance.
High Explosive B s/Bx x (hold till smoke) Fire an even more powerful missile to do some major damage.
Full Blast B s/Bx x (hold till first sparks) An even stronger missile to really show your enemies who's the boss.
Maximum Burst B s/Bx x (hold till second sparks) This super-powerful missile brings all the demons to your yard of pain.
Hysteric B r1+B d+B c/Bx rb+B d+Bx b Unleash a swarm of micro-missiles into a wide area in front of you. Level 2 increases attack range and allows you to tap B c/Bx b to increase the number of missiles.
Multiple B r1+B u+B c/Bx rb+B u+Bx b Lock on to several targets to hunt them down with homing missiles. Hold B c/Bx b to target and release to fire.

Wire ActionEdit

Action Command Description
Wire Shot B c/Bx b Shoot a damage-dealing wire. Grounded enemies will be launched; airborne enemies will be slammed to the ground. Levels 2 and 3 increase range.
Grapple B r1+B c/Bx rb+Bx b (on Grim Grip) Latch on to a Grim Grip with this to travel across long distances in a heartbeat.


  1. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Guns File — Kalina Ann: "A gun with Lady's mother's name etched into the handle. It has various uses."
  2. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Customize Guns — Kalina Ann: "Firing speed increases."

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