Stygian CA 02 DmC

Lesser Stygian CA 01 DmC

Elite Stygian CA 01 DmC

Species Demon
Appearances DmC: Devil May Cry

The Stygian is a type of lesser demon in DmC: Devil May Cry. Although they come in many varieties, all Stygians resemble cracked porcelain dolls filled with a demonic black fluid, with steampunk-style weapons grafted to their arms, and they usually attack in hordes. Early production material referred to the Stygian as the "Warrior Drone".



The (Lesser Stygian) is the most common type of enemy in the game, but is the weakest of the Stygians. It generally wields spiked clubs, and is moderately agile.


The Stygian is more powerful and intelligent than the Lesser Stygian, and has a horn of fluid emerging from the holes in its face. It generally wields a large razor, and can both perform two-step combination attacks as well as block some of Dante's melee attacks. Firearms like the Revenant are efficient at breaking its guard.


The Elite Stygian is the most powerful form of Stygian, and is actually relatively formidable. Unlike the weaker Stygians, the Elite Stygian has a blue, unbroken face with demonic horns, a toothy mouth, and a strange texture. It generally wields a large sawblade, which it can use to generate shockwaves along the ground. It can easily sidestep Dante's Ophion techniques, as well as deal significant damage.

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