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Lucifer DMC4
Katakana ルシフェル
Romaji Rushiferu
Title Inexhaustible Sword (無尽剣 Mujinken?)
Appearances Devil May Cry 4
First I whip it out! Then I thrust it...! With great force! Every angle...! It penetrates! Until...! With great strength! I... ram it in! And in the end...we are all satisfied...And you are set free.

—Dante, Devil May Cry 4

Lucifer is a devil arm wielded by Dante in Devil May Cry 4, which he obtains from Berial's Hell Gate, which it was used to power. It takes the form of a skull shaped backplate from which two wing shaped sheathes extend outward. These sheathes are able to spawn a countless number of swords that are supercharged with demonic power, allowing them to hover in mid air or be launched with explosive impact.[1] These swords can be rearranged, thrown, or wielded, and will explode either after a short duration, at a command from Dante such as a clap or throwing the rose held in his mouth, or once fifteen more blades have been spawned.


Lucifer takes the appearance of a hellish backpack, shaped like a streamlined skull with large glowing red eyes that stare in fury, with metallic projections protruding from its forehead, giving Dante a semblance of folded wings.


Devil May Cry 4Edit


Action Command Description
PS3 Xbox 360
Lucifer Combo A B t,B t,B t,B t,B t,... Bx y,Bx y,Bx y,Bx y,Bx y,... Position swords around you and pierce your enemies repeatedly. This assault of pure carnage never ends.
Lucifer Combo B B t,—,B t,... Bx y,—,Bx y,... The key to Lucifer's rage is the ring of swords around you. This assault of pure carnage never ends.
Lucifer Combo C B t,—,B t,—,B t,... Bx y,—,Bx y,—,Bx y,... Torture enemies with a barrage of piercing blades. Time the last B t/Bx y for the finishing attack.
Lucifer Combo D B t,B t,—,B t Bx y,Bx y,—,Bx y End an enemy's suffering by launching them into a new realm of pain.
Lucifer Combo E B t,B t,B t,B t,—,B t Bx y,Bx y,Bx y,Bx y,—,Bx y Pierce your enemies with this specialized combo!
Splash B t(mid-air) Bx y (mid-air) Flip in the air and scatter the blades of Lucifer around you.
Ecstasy B r1+B d+B t Bx rb+Bx down+Bx y Trigger the detonation of the blades positioned around you. The thrown rose is significant only in its insignificance.
Pin-Up B r1+B u+B t Bx rb+Bx up+Bx y Throw multiple swords and position them in the air in front of you.

Swordmaster StyleEdit

Action Command Description
PS3 Xbox 360
Discipline Any Direction+B c Any Direction+Bx b Reposition the floating blades of Lucifer around your body.
Climax B r1+B d+B c Bx rb+Bx down+Bx b Reposition the floating blades of Lucifer around you. The blades will then automatically detonate.
Bondage B r1+B u+B c Bx rb+Bx up+Bx b Reposition the floating blades of Lucifer to encircle an unfortunate enemy. They will then pierce that spot with no remorse.


Although Lucifer is a melee weapon, it shines at mid-ranged attacks while in Swordmaster Style due to Dante's ability to reposition swords with the Bondage technique. Dante can attack smaller, near-by enemies with standard combos, then reposition his missed strikes around something out of reach before detonating them all. Larger enemies in particular are vulnerable to Lucifer, as their large size can hold more swords, and more swords equals more damage. Berial is uniquely weak to Lucifer's attacks as multiple exploding swords can stun him.


The design of the spawned swords is closely similar to those of Darts from Devil May Cry 2. Dante's character model when wielding Lucifer shows him holding a rose in his mouth, and many of the combos resemble dance steps, continuing the Flamenco theme. Furthermore, the swords behave similarly to Summoned Swords, and share the same "red vs. blue" theme as Dante and Vergil themselves.


Lucifer (lit. "Light Bearer" in Latin) is the title of a Babylonian king interpreted in Christian mythology to have been the name of the archangel Satan before his fall. Belial, another demon, is sometimes considered to be his father or son.

The scene in which Dante acquires the Lucifer is set to Flamenco music and has Dante making sexual innuendo while planting Lucifer's swords in the Hell Gate. This theme continues on with the named attacks of the weapon, which are derived from sexual terms, primarily those of BDSM. This may allude to the general belief that the Devil is seductive and beautiful, using sexual appeal and pleasure to manipulate mortals and exert his power over flesh and human desires and emotions.


  • The darts generated by Lucifer closely resemble the ones Dante was impaled with just prior to the final battle with Mundus. Mundus also drew basis from Lucifer.


  1. Devil May Cry 4, Dante's Arms File — Lucifer: "This netherworldy weapon spawns countless explosive blades that hover with the oppressiveness of impending doom."

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