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Majin Form (魔神フォーム Majin Fōmu?, lit. "Devil Form") is Dante's true demon form in Devil May Cry 2. It is strongly reminiscent of Nelo Angelo, but is more bestial; with reptilian feet, a bat-like body structure, and with four wings, much like Sparda. The Majin Form made an appearance within the Devil May Cry 3 (manga), where it manifested in order to overpower and defeat Alice.


Majin Form (gameplay) DMC2

Dante can fly while in Majin Form.

In this form, Dante becomes immensely powerful. He wields a pair of twin red blades protruding from his forearms, can fire enormous fireballs as well as blasts of light and darkness, and is able to hover in the air. In the manga, Dante, while in Majin Form, is shown to possess the ability to engulf Alice in a void of darkness. In turn it caused Alice to scream in terror. Dante was also able to revert Alice back to normal.

Trish seems to have this ability on no matter the vitality amount when Devil Trigger is activated in mid air or during a jump. She also bears a similar appearance during flight mode in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.[citation needed]


Notes and referencesEdit

 Dante's Majin Form is the only devil trigger that grants him invincibility on its own. This also makes Dante currently the only demon in the series to have true invunerability.

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