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Majin Form (魔神フォーム Majin Fōmu?, lit. "Devil Form") is Dante's true demon form in Devil May Cry 2. It is strongly reminiscent of Nelo Angelo, but is more bestial; with reptilian feet, a bat-like body structure, and with four wings, much like Sparda. The Majin Form made an appearance within the Devil May Cry 3 (manga), where it manifested in order to overpower and defeat Alice.

Appearance and GameplayEdit

Majin Form (gameplay) DMC2

Dante can fly while in Majin Form.

In this form, Dante resembles a tall, charcoal-colored, reptillian demon with a pair of red saber-esque blades on his forearms, which contrasts his brother's attached sheathe. His horns and facial features are based on his father's and has two shoulder pads created from his possible exoskeleton. His wings are quad-based and bat-like, which fold like an actual winged demon's when idle.

In terms of his combat, Dante is much faster due to his height, his attack style is converted to a more energy-based arsenal, saving his melee attacks in a shortened scale, he can achieve full flight and even soar up thanks to his fully developed wings. In terms of his moveset, it has new "forms" of directing pure elements and he can even release a monochrome beam of demonic surges that is strong enough against foes, similar to a KO move. When attacking enemies, Dante has no need to attack with swords because he is more resiliant to damage.

Apart from gameplay, in the manga, Dante has enough power as his Majin form to reverse any evil but not harming enemies, such as with the situation of Alice becoming horrified by the stronger darkness her captor possessed. This might be an example that shows Majin Dante has possibly enough power to prevent evil from their wrong doings.


Notes and referencesEdit

 Dante's Majin Form is the only devil trigger that grants him invincibility on its own. This also makes Dante currently the only demon in the series to have true invunerability.

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