Makoto Tsuchibayashi is a freelance concept artist and character designer. Tsuchibayashi designed the original Dante in Hideki Kamiya's Devil May Cry.


Tsuchibayashi started as a concept artist contracted to work exclusively for Capcom. His first game credit was Mega Man Legends in 1997. Before creating the character designs for the original Devil May Cry, he was given a "special thanks" credit Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in 1999.

After Devil May Cry was handed over to different developers at Capcom, he was not asked to work on the sequels. At this point Tsuchibayashi became a freelance artist and created the character designs for Sega's Shinobi reboot in 2002. In 2005, Tsuchibayashi returned to Capcom to design characters for Devil Kings.

His most recent credit was the character design in 2010's Vanquish, developed by Platinum Games.

Role in the Devil May Cry seriesEdit

Tsuchibayashi worked as the character designer in Hideki Kamiya's Devil May Cry, while Yoshinori Matsushita created the monster design and Yasuko Shimoda designed the stages.

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