Mancer Demons (from Greek, manteia - "divination") are lesser demons encountered in Devil May Cry 2. They are relatively weak demons that use magical, ranged attacks. Dante encounters the first type of this demon family in Mission 2, and Lucia encounters her first Mancer demon in Mission 7.


All Mancer demons are wraith-like demons associated with different elements. They appear as skeleton-like creatures in a hood and cape. Originally, these evil spirits were the souls of those who had been condemned as heretics for practicing the magic arts, especially witchcraft. They usually swings their staves when about to attack, and some of them teleport while others stand still. There are three types of Mancers seen in Devil May Cry 2. When they die, they scream wildly as they vanish, spewing a red, blood-like substance.



Pyromancers (from Greek pyro - "fire") appear to be the souls of the dead who have been condemned as heretics.[1] These sorcerers appear in front of the player and summon fire. Just batter them with attacks once they appear. They are associated with the Fire element.


Auromancers (from "Aura", the Greek goddess of the breeze) seem to summon an aura and projectiles to use as a means of attack.[2] The aura projectiles do the same as those yellow ones summoned by Goat Clansmen; they will certainly chase you. Use guns to defeat them, as it might be hard to slash them since they summon auras to protect themselves. They are associated with the Wind element.


Brontmancers (from Greek brontes- "thunder") use lightning to erratically attack their opponents.[3] It seems to look as common as the Pyromancer and the Auromancers, but this is trickier to attack. Make sure to use melee attacks to prevent it from casting. They are associated with the Lightning element.



  • Each Mancer Demon respectively uses and controls each type of elemental magic: pyromancy (fire), aeromancy (air), and electromancy (lightning).


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