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DMC1 - Needlegun
Appearances Devil May Cry

The Needlegun is a unique marine firearm which appears in Devil May Cry. It fires piercing needles, and is the only weapon that can be used underwater.[1] It is found in the hold of the Ghost Ship in Mission 12.


The Needlegun resembles the M249-E1, but with a major number of differences.


In terms of combat, the Needlegun fires flachettes with a large burst-radius. The underwater needles are highly potent of taking down a swimming Blade. The underwater portion of levels make it a disadvantage and it is exclusive to those levels, as it also restricts a Devil Trigger for the player to use. If the player does the level without it, Dante will be forced to swim until they do acquire the gun.

Additionally in harder difficulties, the Needlegun is extremely effective compared to other guns and it takes a couple more shots, than the standard ones to defeat underwater foes.

Other AppearanceEdit

  • The Needlegun appears in Capcom´s Dino Crisis II's underwater level. It is used by the scuba engineers in order to protect themselves from aquatic reptilians.



  1. Devil May Cry, Guns — Needlegun: "The only weapon that can be used underwater."

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