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DMC1 - Needlegun
Appearances Devil May Cry

The Needlegun is a unique marine firearm which appears in Devil May Cry. It fires piercing needles, and is the only weapon that can be used underwater.[1] It is found in the hold of the Ghost Ship in Mission 12.


It has a firing speed of two shot per second and, since its needles are individually more powerful than Ebony&Ivory's bullets, it takes less than fifteen hits to take down a swimming Blade. It can only be used underwater, and is automatically equipped once it is acquired. Before Dante gets the weapon, he cannot attack while under water.

Other AppearanceEdit

  • The Needlegun appears in Capcom´s Dino Crisis II's underwater level. It is used by the scuba engineers in order to protect themselves from aquatic reptilians.



  1. Devil May Cry, Guns — Needlegun: "The only weapon that can be used underwater."

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