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Backstory CA 10 DmC
Demon father, angel mother, we are Nephilim, the only ones who can slay the demon king.

—Vergil, DmC: Devil May Cry

Nephilim are a race of hybrid beings within DmC: Devil May Cry universe. They are the offspring of angels and demons, and are considered the "third race".[1] However, the Nephilim are a severely endangered species, as any and all known existing Nephilim were hunted down and slain by demons out of fear of their power. There are only two Nephilim known to currently exist: Dante and Vergil, the sons of Sparda.


Due to their hybrid nature, Nephilim possess both demonic and angelic powers, and are capable of crossing between the worlds.[2] Due to their special nature, they are the only ones strong enough to slay the Demon King.[3] Because of this, Mundus and his demon hordes waged a war of genocide on the Nephilim and wiped them all out, as well as declaring it a crime for a demon to produce offspring with an angel. Despite this, Mundus's blood-brother Sparda fell in love with the angel Eva and fathered the twins Dante and Vergil. In response to this betrayal, Mundus stormed Sparda's home, murdering Eva and eventually imprisoning Sparda. Before he was captured, Sparda was able to hide his sons Dante and Vergil, and although Mundus was aware of Dante's existence, he never discovered that Vergil was also a child of Sparda and thus a Nephilim. Mundus kept looking for Dante, and his Lookers eventually found him at Devil's Dalliance. However, the Hunter sent after Dante is slain by Dante with Kat's help, and this spurs Dante to assist The Order in order to gain revenge on Mundus for destroying his family. During his journey, Dante encounters the slain Nephilim Assiel, from whom he receives a relic that allows him to unlock his Devil Trigger.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the only known living Nephilim are Dante and Vergil, the full range of their abilities are unknown, although considerable. As a rule they seem to possess certain common abilities, such as the ability to jump a second time in mid-air with demonic magic as well as superhuman strength, agility, coordination, precision and regenerative abilities.

The most notable powers of the Nephilim comes from their hybrid blood, combining the powers of angels and demons, which they can switch between at will. These include the ability to use angelic and demonic weapons. They can also glide like angels, although true flight does not seem to be one of their abilities as they do not possess either angelic or demonic wings. They can also perform two kinds of dodges, based on which powers they are using at the time; a Demon Dodge grants their next blows greater power, while an Angel Dodge increases their reaction speed and causes them to instantaneously teleport through Limbo and back again, allowing them to quickly flank their enemies.

Nephilim also possess the ability to increase their power tremendously via the Devil Trigger which, despite its name, unleashes, or at least manifests, the full force of both their angelic and demonic abilities. The effects of this power seem to vary, but generally makes the Nephilim stronger and regenerate its health quicker. Beyond this, the Devil Trigger powers that have been shown include unleashing chaos into the world to freeze enemies in mid air (in the case of Dante) or summoning a spectral doppleganger of the Nephilim to aid it in battle (as with Vergil).

In addition to these powers, it seems that Nephilim can possess some form of teleportation powers, as demonstrated by Vergil. He was also able to summon ghostly swords by depleting his Devil Trigger gauge. Whether this power was unique to him or can be used by all Nephilim is unknown.

It seems that the spirits of Nephilim can endure beyond death, as in the case of Assiel. Her spirit lingered in a giant statue of herself, and awoke when Dante encountered it.

Phineas stated that, even after unlocking his Devil Trigger, Dante had still not reached his full potential, implying that Nephilim may possess much greater levels of power than has been displayed by them so far.


Nephilim are giants which appear in the Old Testament. They are the offspring of the "sons of God", i.e. fallen angels, and the "daughters of men". They were considered the heroes of old, and were thought to inhabit Canaan. Several apocryphal texts finger their existence as one of God's reasons for flooding the Earth.The interpretation of the Nephilim in DmC differs from the biblical definition. A popular traditional religious view of Nephilim is that they were the offspring of Human women and fallen Angels and not Demons and Angels.

Notes and referencesEdit

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  2. DmC: Devil May Cry, Phineas: "They wielded the power of both angels and demons. But, unlike them, the Nephilim could easily cross worlds."
  3. DmC: Devil May Cry, Vergil: "Demon father, angel mother, we are Nephilim, the only ones who can slay the demon king."

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