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DMC1 - Nigtmare-β
Appearances Devil May Cry

The Nightmare-β is a firearm in Devil May Cry. It is found within the second shield chamber outside of the Colosseum in Mission 15. If the player does not obtain it then, it appears on the bed in the Mirror World.


The Nightmare-β modeled after Nightmare that was formed in the Underworld.[1] Because it is a similar weapon to Nightmare, it is ineffective against the larger bio-weapon.[2] It uses DT power to fire reflectable green lasers, and can be charged for more powerful shots. It is quite weak when not charged, but with as little as three DT runes, it is able to fire several beams at once which can inflict massive damage even to DMD-level bosses, and is very useful for raising your Style rank. The most efficient use of this weapon though, is to use it while in Devil Trigger. DT runes will drain as they normally would while in Devil Trigger and are unaffected by Nightmare-β's DT draining, allowing for many fully charged shots from Nightmare-β



  1. Devil May Cry, Guns — Nightmare-β: "A weapon formed in the Underworld. Its powers are unknown."
  2. Devil May Cry, Enemy File — Nightmare: "Nightmare-β is a similar weapon to the Nightmare. Hence, the weapon has no effects against it."

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