Pandora is a Devil Arm which Dante obtains in Devil May Cry 4. It is able to transform into 666 different and devastating forms[1], some of them powered by the weapon's Disaster Gauge into its function, although the player only has access to seven of its forms.


Pandora has an ethereal form, which resembles a blue light. However, in its materialized form, it resembles a grey briefcase with many cracks detailed onto it, for example, the first set of cracks are basically a yellow circuitry, and the second is a vein-looking pattern of cracks. In the center of these cracks has a scaly membrane that curves into a complete circle encompasing a three-eyed skull with fangs. Also an interesting feature, Pandora can convert into many sizes and forms with a plethora of new features. Grief is a tri-blade shuriken with three spade tips. In Revenge form, Pandora has vents and pipes. Argument is a vehicle-like form that hovers with thrusters on the back and rocket barrels all around the seated pilot. In Epidemic, Pandora has frill-like panels, and in Jealousy form, has bandolier magazines.


The Pandora is acquired from the Hell Gate after defeating Dagon in Mission 15: Fortuna Castle. Although it is a Devil Arm, it is treated as a Fire Arm due to its abilities. It is also used by Trish who can transform it much faster than Dante but only has access to 3 forms

Pandora is potentially one of the most powerful weapons Dante collects throughout the Devil May Cry series. In terms of raw damage, it is only surpassed by the Gilgamesh, but its quality as a ranged weapon gives it a tactical advantage over the gauntlets. For example: PF398: Revenge can knock out The Savior with one direct hit, even with a low Disaster Gauge; PF666: Omen can instantly break enemy defenses such as shields, a Frost's ice cocoon, a Blitz's initial electric charge, and even Mephisto & Faust cloaks when fired at close range; and techniques powered by a full Disaster Gauge will kill any lesser demons in front of Dante. To compensate for this extreme power, Pandora's forms take a few seconds to activate.

While in Devil Trigger state, the button combination inputs to transform the Pandora are decreased, shortening their activation times. For example; PF124: Hatred will only need half the input of the left/right code, and PF398: Revenge will only need 1 spin. Furthermore, all of Pandora's forms, excluding PF666: Omen, can be charged while in Devil Trigger.

PF013: Epidemic is an over-and-under, double barrel bow-rocket launcher, which fires off two missiles simultaneously.

PF124: Hatred is a triple barrel, over-the-shoulder rocket launcher. It has slow recoil but deals heavy damage. For Trish, the rockets shoot out in a wide arc and launch the enemy.

PF398: Revenge is a large, steampunk-designed laser cannon with a huge body, a laser sight on one side of the weapon used for targetting. Its energy beam varies by its user. Dante fires one blast that travels indefinitely and explodes on contact. Trish will fire a continuous beam at the cost of three DT runes, and can make minor adjustments to the aim while firing.

PF422: Grief turns the briefcase into a large, three-tipped shuriken that slowly diminishes a targets health with a gyroscopic spin. While Dante is using Grief, he will be stuck in the throwing position until it returns.

PF594: Argument is a one seat vehicle with rocket barrels along the horizontal ring that wraps around the seat. Its ability to hover makes it equivalent to Air Raid in previous games. Argument can launch one rocket at a time which uses up a little bit of the Disaster Gauge per shot or launch rockets from all the barrels at once at the expense of about half of the Disaster Gauge.

Whenever activating any of Pandora's forms, excluding PF594: Argument, Dante is rendered motionless and is therefore more prone to attacks from enemies, making it risky to use Pandora against fast enemies and enemies with ranged attacks, specifically: Cutlasses, Basilisks, Blitzes (unless electric shield is removed), Frosts, Assaults (normal or Chimera), Alto Angelos, and Gladii. To use Pandora against these enemies will require experience in tactics, timing, and speed. The most effective form against any of these foes is PF422: Grief and even PF594: Argument at ranged distances. Also to compensate for PF262: Jealousy being less powerful than Pandora's other forms, it fills the Disaster Gauge the quickest.

Disaster GaugeEdit

The Disaster Gauge is basically a gauge that determines the quantity of ammo, power and damage given to Pandora's moves. The guage itself can either be increased or decreased, via customizing the Gunslinger in the Divinity Statue menu. Unfortunately, the gauge has no special features or ability to change the weapon's themselves, like the Devil Trigger.



Action Command Description
PF013: Epidemic B s/Bx x Transform Pandora into a bowgun capable of firing ravaging projectiles. Successful attacks will fill the Disaster gauge.
PF124: Hatred B s+<B l/B r,B r/B l,B l/B r>/Bx x+<Bx left/Bx right,Bx left/Bx right,Bx left/Bx right (wiggle motion)> Transform Pandora from a bowgun to a bazooka and turn enemies into ash. Successful attacks will fill the Disaster gauge.
PF398: Revenge B s+<Spin,Spin>/Bx x+<Spin,Spin> (Hatred) Transform Pandora from a bazooka to a laser cannon capable of searing blasts. Successful attacks will fill the Disaster gauge.
PF262: Jealousy B s/Bx x (mid-air) Transform Pandora into a Gatling gun and rain down a hail of hot lead upon enemies. Successful attacks will fill the Disaster gauge. Will fire Charged Shots while in Devil Trigger.

Gunslinger StyleEdit

Action Command Description
PF594: Argument B c/Bx b Transform Pandora into a mobile missile battery that fires a barrage of homing missiles. Press B s/Bx x to fire a missile. Press B c/Bx b to fire all the missiles (Works only if the Disaster Gauge is full or half at Gunslinger Level 2). Depletes the Disaster Gauge.
PF422: Grief B r1+B d+B c/Bx rb+Bx down+Bx b Transform Pandora into a giant shuriken that is thrown like a boomerang to slice through enemies. Depletes the Disaster Gauge.
PF666: Omen B r1+B u+B c/Bx rb+Bx up+Bx b Open Pandora's box and damage all surrounding enemies with the flash of a violated taboo. Depletes the Disaster Gauge.



Other appearancesEdit

Monster Hunter Frontier GEdit

In Monster Hunter Frontier G, Pandora's Jealousy form is available to players as a weapon in the "heavy bowgun" class.


Pandora's Box was a jar in Classical mythology which held all the evils of the world. It was given to the first woman, Pandora, as a gift for her wedding to Epimetheus, and because of her curiosity she disobeyed her husband and opened it, releasing all the evils of the world, except for "Hope". Pandora's ultimate move, PF666: Omen, simulates this event.

"666" is considered the number of the beast mentioned in the Bible, while "13" is widely considered to be an unlucky number.


  1. Devil May Cry 4, Dante's Arms File — Pandora: "A demonic weapon capable of 666 calamitous forms. It spells misery and disaster for countless foes."