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Perfect Devil Trigger

Dante's Perfect Devil Trigger form as seen in the Devil May Cry 4 Artbook.

The Perfect Devil Trigger is an unused devil form that was originally set to appear in Devil May Cry 4, but the possibility of that was dubbed as impractical. It appears to be a second or ascended form of Dante's normal Devil Trigger, in which his power increases exponentially.


According to the information translated from the Art Book, the Perfect Devil Trigger's power far surpasses that of his father, the Dark Knight Sparda. This, in turn, causes Dante to be seemingly all-powerful and nearly impossible to defeat. However, this form is dangerous, due to the fact that Dante will eventually lose his humanity and become a feral being.


According to the illustration of Dante's Perfect Devil Trigger, Dante grows a pair of wings, and Rebellion becomes a tail. His body becomes almost entirely black, save for some red, glowing cracks in the chest, hands, tail, and inner wings. No other abilities have been described, but it is possible that the form serves a similar function as Dante's Majin Form, yet even greater in terms of power and with various other abilities in its arsenal.

Now with the possible "Perfect" demonic form of Nero, because he is new to transforming into a full demon for many reasons, has been illustrated to being a full body demon, where the upper part of the spectral demon's body is given a lower body to it, which happens to look a lot like Dante's Demonic form that appeared in the same game Nero is in, such as the four insect wing-like coat tails and thick shins, but like Nero's spectral demon form, the form keeps its revealed rib cage, neck protrusions, grafted sheath to hold Yamato in, etc. Additionally, his clothing's colors replaced parts of his body which were blue.



  • In the art book it is revealed that Nero was originally set to have a Perfect Devil Trigger as well; it was meant to be seen as his complete devil form, replacing his spectral Devil Trigger and allowing him to more evenly match Dante. Both of these Devil Triggers have yet to appear in the series.

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