Perfect Evade - is one of the techniques in Devil May Cry series, which is achieved by dodging any enemy attack right before it hits the player.


Successful dodge grants the player Devil Trigger gauge fill and Stylish gauge increase.

Perfect evade can be made with following moves:


Regular jump contains invincibility frames, which is enough to dodge an attack in a dangerous moment.

Side RollEdit

Side roll is the main method of dodging an incoming attack. It is taught in game tutorials. It gives great mobility to a player, quickly moving sideways.

Dash (Trickster Style)Edit

Dante's first Trickster skill works similar to Side Roll but proves greater convenience, as it only requires one button to be used. Also it can be used in all directions (forward; sideways and backwards).

Table Hopper Edit

Table Hopper is aimed to make Perfect Evades (meets the same conditions). What's more, it can be used multiple times if upgraded.