Devil May Cry 2 - Matier and Lucia discussing Dante's fate
Organization Data
Leader Matier
Base of Operations Vie de Marli
Status Active
Real World Data
Appearance(s) Devil May Cry 2

The Protectorate are a clan[1] of half human and half demon women devil hunters[2] like that of Dante[3] who stood as protectors and peacekeepers of Dumary Island.[1] They previously served as allies to Sparda as he sealed away Argosax the Chaos using the relics known as the Arcana and as a result, protects the relics.[1]


Before Devil May Cry 2Edit

The Protectorate was formed long ago when Dumary Island was founded. Many people with different beliefs, languages, and culture came together and merged themselves with the intention of coexisting peacefully due to their common belief of being pagan. As time passed, all their religion began merging into one.[4]

Several centuries ago, the Protectorate summoned Sparda as an ally to help defeat the Demon King known as Argosax the Chaos, who was worshiped and ruled the Demon World. Sparda defeated Argosax and prevented him from entering the human world, sealing him using the four relics known as the Arcana.[5]

In the current era, when Arius, the president of Uroboros, begins collecting the Arcana relics for his selfish gains and turns the land into a paradise for demons, the Protector known as Matier summons him for assistance[1] due to the fact she is too old to fight while her adopted daughter and apprentice, Lucia, is inexperienced.[3]

Protectors in the ProtectorateEdit

Members of the Protectorate clan are called "Protectors" (or Guardians)[4] and are sworn to safeguard Dumary Island, uphold peace between each of the townsfolk on Dumary Island, and secure the shrines in which contain the Arcana.[3] These Protectors are trained by their own into their various duties and can even include members who are not part of the clan by blood.[1] These Protectors are also seemingly exclusively women in addition and tend to include those with demonic heritage.[2][1]

Name Rank Status


  • While Devil May Cry 2 refers to members of the Protectorate as "Protectors", the instruction manual also refers to them as "Guardians". This may be due to a translation inconsistency.
  • The plural word for "Protectorate" is "Protectorates".


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