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Ravager CA 01 DmC
Species Demon
Appearances DmC: Devil May Cry

The Ravager is a lesser demon that appears in DmC: Devil May Cry.


The Ravager is an enemy that resembles a matured Stygian, but instead of a blade it wields a full chainsaw on its arm. Each time it attacks, the Ravager will go berserk, making it very difficult to stagger the demon without applying several powerful attacks. The Ravager can swipe its chainsaw, but can also rush forward with the weapon to impale Dante.


The Ravager is a dangerous enemy if not dealt with immediately. It usually charges towards Dante. During that time, Dante should release an Overdrive attack to interrupt them and also deal damage at the same time.Aquila's round trip attack can also stop the enemy while in its berserk mode.Then one can use the angel lift to get closer.If one does not have the Aquila blades (during the first missions),the player can use evade or double jump to easily avoid the berserk ravager.But dealing with the ravager quickly is needed as it is a lesser demon with a deadly trait.

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