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The Residential Area is a location in Devil May Cry 3 where Dante's shop is situated. Most of the buildings in the Residential Area are of neoclassical design, though there are a few churches and mansions that display more gothic architecture. The narrow roads are bricked rather than paved, and buildings are commonly brick structures with wooden floors. Where buildings aren't separated by skinny alleyways, they often share walls with their neighbors. It is not uncommon for the first floor of a building to be located above street level, requiring one to climb a stoop or stairs to gain entry. Despite its class, the area also appears to share the vicinity of a more seedy part of town. The whole area is nearly destroyed by the eruption of Temen-ni-gru.


Devil May Cry 3 mangaEdit

Dante lives at his office/shop, but his liaison, Enzo Ferino, lives in a rented room at Love Planet, a nearby strip club. The two are close enough for Dante to walk from one to the other in a short period of time.

Another place Dante visits is the Bull's Eye Bar, where a man wearing bandages over his eyes and hands acts as barkeeper. Also within walking distance of Dante's shop are a haunted mansion and at least two churches, one with a substantial graveyard surrounding it. Vergil and Arkham use yet another mansion, this one with an extensive library, as their base of operations, though its location is not made clear.

Devil May Cry 3Edit

The in-game location include only two streets, 66 Slum Avenue and 13th Avenue, and three buildings: the yet-to be named Dante's shop, Bull's Eye bar, and Love Planet. All structures are heavily damaged during the Temen-ni-gru eruption and Dante's shop is completely wrecked after a demon's attack. No human being can be found here, and it seems they must have run away or been butchered.

Later, a portal to and from the Temen-ni-gru sprouts in Love Planet, and it is used by Dante to escape the Forbidden Land, which becomes separated from the rest of the tower after the ritual.

Other appearancesEdit

After the events of Devil May Cry 3, it isn't known if Dante stayed at the same place or just moved out, so it isn't known if the area shown in the anime and (briefly) in other games is the same one as in DMC3. If Dante did move on, then he ended up in a building with an almost identical layout to the one featured in Devil May Cry 3.


  • Dante's office
  • 66 Slum Avenue
  • Bullseye Bar
  • Love Planet - A strip club Dante and Enzo frequent.
  • 13th Avenue

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