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Round Trip is a recurring technique in the Devil May Cry series. It involves the user sending forth a spinning sword or blade that traps enemies.

How to obtain & GameplayEdit

Devil May CryEdit

In Devil May Cry, Round Trip can be purchased for Alastor and carries over to the Sword of Sparda. Dante performs a hand to hand combos while the Alastor is away.

Devil May Cry 2:Edit

After acquiring Air Raid Dante can perform Round Trip while in Devil Trigger. Trish can also perform the original Round Trip with the Sword of Sparda.

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition:Edit

Round Trip can be bought for Vergil's Force Edge but, instead of allowing the user to perform hand to hand combos, Vergil uses Yamato while the Force Edge is away.

Devil May Cry 4Edit

It can be purchased for Rebellion and it's price is varied depending on how many other techniques have been acquired. Dante will not perform a hand to hand combo, he will simply call the sword back to him.

In the Special Edition, Trish has Round Trip by default. During Round Trip her Bare Knuckle is able to perform different moves.

DmC:Devil May CryEdit

Dante hurls Aquila. Just charging extends its lifetime.

See AlsoEdit

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