Species Demon, Undead
Appearances Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry 2

Sargasso are floating skull demons. In Devil May Cry, they are normal enemies, first appearing in Mission 3: Destroyer of Ardor. In Devil May Cry 2, they are encountered in Mission 12 for Dante and Mission 7 for Lucia.


These low class demons which take the form of the Laughing Skull demon are commonly known as Sargasso. They function much the same way; their chilling laugh can freeze solid those unlucky enough to hear it. They drift and hide between the edges of the seas of the Earth and the sea of the Netherworld, waiting for stray wanderers to feast on.[1] The spirits of the victims are destined to wander the endless sea of the Underworld.[2] They are cunning demons, moving swiftly and only showing themselves when they attack.[3] Though they are deadly to most humans, they are merely nuisances to Dante, as he can kill them quite easily with a few hits.


Devil May CryEdit

These guys aren't hard, just fast. They come in two sizes, but the only real difference between the two is the larger ones have more Vitality. Using Stinger or Ifrit's Kick 13 attacks would aid in getting to them quickly and keep attacking them. They may try to bite you, but back flipping or jumping is adequate to avoid it. When you see them charging up energy in their mouths, they are attempting to breathe ice on you. Although the ice breath attack hurts and has a wide cone of attack, it has a fairly short range, so you can run away from it pretty easily.

Devil May Cry 2Edit

Very similar to Devil May Cry, only this time Sargasso have an additional attack where they shoot icicles at you. The icicle attack is stronger and has a greater range than their breath attack, but still avoidable. Several hits will kill them, but they continually respawn, making it not worth your while. Avoid their attacks while working towards the actual goal of the Mission.


These demons are named after the Sargasso Sea, a portion of the North Atlantic ocean that is known as the "sea without shores" because it is bordered on all sides by ocean currents. Its westernmost edge borders Bermuda, making it a neighbor of the infamous Bermuda Triangle.


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