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Shot Cancel is a technique that appears in every Devil May Cry game. It allows the player to increase the firing speed of firearms with long reload times by either performing an action, quickly switching to and firing a faster firearm like the Ebony & Ivory, or even performing a different gun technique with the same gun.

Devil May CryEdit

Shot Canceling is most easily performed with the Grenadegun or Nightmare-β, two powerful yet slow guns, by rolling immediately after firing. This increases the firing speed so much that the player can achieve high Style bonuses simply by repeatedly firing and Shot Canceling the weapon. The Grenadegun varient is also referred to as Granade Rolling.

Devil May Cry 3Edit

Shot Canceling is performed by firing any weapon other than the Ebony & Ivory, then immediately switching to the pistols, firing a quick shot, then switching back.

DmC: Devil May CryEdit

Shot Canceling cannot be performed by switching between guns, but can still be performed by switching between certain gun techniques. In particular, the Revenant's Fireworks can be Shot Canceled with the gun's basic shot, then cycled back.