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The Sky Star is one of the actions of the Trickster Style that appears in Devil May Cry 3, Devil May Cry 4 and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (of course this Sky Star is somewhat similar to the Sky Star of Trickster Style). Apparently, this move is only seen used by demons or demon hybrids, such as Dante and Trish who respectfully use it in situations they come toe-to-toe in.

Description Edit

When executing the Sky Star move, the user will jump and dive forward with a colored trail that matches the users specific color scheme that symbolizes themselves (ex. Red for Dante and Yellow for Trish) that will appear as a glyph of demonic power that projects and swirls behind them. Noticeably this glyph doesn't have any damage dealing properties as it can only be used to escape or used as a defensive maneuver.

Appearances Edit

Devil May Cry 3 Edit

This move appears in Devil May Cry 3 for its first time and before it is used by the player. It must be obtained by reaching Level 2 with Trickster Style, and once obtained it can be used indefinitely by Dante, who has endless demonic power within his blood. The player cannot use this move on the ground or else Dash will be executed, due to the controls of the Dash move. If you execute it the correct and only way "in the air" the player can utilize the move and when in control, the player can manipulate it by button mashing the controls, where its speed can be increased beyond when you press the buttons slowly. This move doesn't make Dante invincible, only effective to escape.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Edit

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