Slash is one of the Swordmaster Style actions executed with Nevan in Devil May Cry 3. When executing this move, Dante will "attack enemies with the bladed section of the ultra-rockin' guitar."

Description Edit

When executing this move, Dante grabs the handle of Nevan and flicks it to reveal the scythe and slash at a foe. This move is slow, but deals high damage. Also, there is an airborne version of the move, called Air Slash. It's possible to continuously stay in the air by alternating between Air Slash and Air Play.

Trivia Edit

  • Trish can perform a move similar to Air Slash in Devil May Cry 2 with Sparda when fightning underwater.
  • There are many weapon's that share the name "Slash" with moves, including Yamato's Slash Dimension and Agni & Rudra's Million Slash.