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Dante's "reunion" with his brother, Vergil in Devil May Cry 3

The "Sons of Sparda" is a collective term used to mention the twin sons of the infamous Dark Knight Sparda, whom he bored with a human woman named Eva. Named Dante and Vergil, the half-human and half-demon twins inherited much of their demonic and supernatural abilities in thanks to Sparda's bloodline though inherited their blue eyes and humanity from Eva herself.[1]

  • Vergil: The elder twin of the two, Vergil took a dark path after the death of Eva at the hands of demon, embracing his demonic heritage and rejecting his humanity. He later gains a lust for power and yearn to emulate his father's power and status and severs much of his bond and connection with Dante by the time they met once more in adulthood.[1]
  • Dante: The younger twin, Dante's path took a more different turn then his brother from the death of their mother, becoming an accomplished Devil Hunter and founding Devil May Cry. Though he cares for his twin brother, he is forced to accept the severed bond between them due to Vergil's lust for power and emulation of their late father.[1]


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