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Splash is one of the moves executed to Lucifer in Devil May Cry 4 used by Dante. When executing this move, Dante will "flip and scatter the blades of lucifer around you,"

Description Edit

When executing Splash, Dante will execute a constant front flip as he grabs onto the ends of the sheathes at the same time, until he spreads his hands outwards and leans forward as his feet are aligned in a graceful pose, as the swords are thrown. Thanks to the wings of Lucifer, you can execute this move as many times as you want if you are above the air and at edges of a levels buildings or at a high height, such as the underground part of Fortuna Castle.

Variants Edit

There are several variants to Splash that are very similar, however, have different energy projections from Lucifers standard swords.

Lunar Phase Edit

Lunar Phase is quite similar to Splash, such as Vergil will be above the air and a blinding speed in a front flip is executed until he makes a pose in that one spot. The energy projected is a distorted sphere with claw streaks.

Revolver Edit

Revolver is quite similar to Splash, such as be above the air and do a front flip at high velocity, however, it makes no pose besides what Dante does when executing the move, and it has icy blue streaks with mist projected.

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