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This article is about the demonic sword. You may be looking for its wielder.

Sparda (DA) DMC1

Force Edge 1

Force Edge 3

Katakana スパーダ
Romaji Supāda
Title Legendary Sword (伝説の剣 Densetsu no Tsurugi?)
Element Demon-forged[1]
Appearances Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry 2
Devil May Cry 3
Devil May Cry 4

The Sparda and its unawakened form, the Force Edge[2], is the beloved demon-forged sword[3] wielded by the The Dark Knight Sparda himself[4], and magically imbued with his power.[5] Throughout the series, the sword is recognized as a source of god-like power, and in both Devil May Cry 3 and Devil May Cry 4, it was the main objective of the villains. It is Dante's default weapon in Devil May Cry, and Trish's in Devil May Cry 2. In addition, Vergil is able to summon spectral versions of the Force Edge as his Summoned Swords.


The Sparda was originally wielded by the Dark Knight Sparda himself, but when he closed the gate between the Human and Demon Worlds, he also sealed his demonic power inside his beloved sword in order to ensure the strength of the seal. Sparda also took the Perfect Amulet, causing the sword's own natural powers to fall asleep and become the Force Edge.

Many centuries later, however, Arkham conspired to obtain the sword, and through it, Sparda's power, which he would use to rule the world. He manages to manipulate Dante, Vergil, and Lady into allowing him to obtain the Perfect Amulet and opening the gate to the Netherworld for him, thus allowing him to both acquire the sword and awaken its power. After drawing the sword, he takes the form of Sparda, but because it does not resonate with him like it later did with Dante, he was unable to control its immense power and mutates into a hideous, blob-like form[6], which is quickly slain by Dante and Vergil. As Arkham's demonic form dissolves, the Force Edge and Perfect Amulet fall further into the Netherworld, and both Dante and Vergil dive after them. They fight over the weapon, and though Vergil is defeated, he retains his half of the amulet. Dante then returns to the Human World with the Force Edge. Devil May Cry 3

Dante takes up the Force Edge as his own sword, calling it "Woozy"[7] and takes it with him to the castle on Mallet Island in the Rebellion's stead. Throughout his mission there, he periodically encounters the dark knight Nelo Angelo, who is mysteriously shaken when he notices Dante's part of the amulet. After Nelo Angelo is finally defeated and revealed as Vergil, Dante obtains the other half of the amulet and the Sparda is reawakened. It later allows him to take Sparda's form in the final battle with Mundus. Afterward, he plants the sword as a memorial to the seemingly dead Trish, but when Trish is later revealed to be alive and carrying the sword, he allows her to keep it. Devil May Cry

When not in use, Trish leaves the Sparda hanging on the wall of Devil May Cry. After Lady explains the problems she is having with the Order of the Sword to Dante and Trish, Trish takes the sword and leaves without asking Dante's permission. Disguised as Gloria, she gives the Sparda to Sanctus in order to win his trust and infiltrate the Order, since they need the sword in order to empower their greatest tool, The Savior. Sanctus later resonates with the weapon and uses it against Nero, though his inhumanity does not allow him to fully control it. After Nero defeats Sanctus and rescues Kyrie from being used as the core of The Savior, he gives the Sparda back to its rightful owner, Dante. Devil May Cry 4

Other appearancesEdit

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3Edit

The awakened Sparda is used by Trish and the dormant form is used at the same time by Vergil and in Dante's alternate costume.

Sengoku BasaraEdit

Sanada Yukimura's sixth weapon is two Sparda swords. Along with the Sparda, Yukimura is equipped with the Ifrit as arm guards.

Devil May Cry Volume OneEdit

The Force Edge is Tony Redgrave's primary weapon. 


The Force Edge is Dante's default weapon in Devil May Cry. It is relatively weak compared to the Alastor. When awakened, the Sparda has the uncanny ability to shift forms, from sword to spear to scythe. The Sparda changes into a spear when using Stinger or Million Stab, and a scythe when using Round Trip. The Sparda's does not have a Devil Trigger until the battle with Mundus (and even then, it is discarded right after), so using it means completely nullifying the benefits of Devil Trigger and the Nightmare-β and it also does not have a quick switch function to Ifrit like Alastor. However, the damage it deals surpasses Alastor's in Devil Trigger state. While it lacks versatility, it makes up for it in raw damage. During the fight with Mundus, Sparda's Devil Trigger will allow Dante to take Sparda's form, increasing the range of all sword attacks and allowing Dante to fire projectiles. When playing as Sparda (aka Legendary Dark Knight costume) the Yamato will transform into the Sparda Sword in Devil Trigger, allowing access to all standard attacks that the non-devil trigger version has, plus the ability to use Alastor's skills as well.

In Devil May Cry 2, the Force Edge replaces the Rebellion for Dante's Devil May Cry costume. It behaves exactly the same as the Rebellion. The awakened Sparda is also the main weapon for the bonus character, Trish. Trish is able to use more moves than both Lucia and Dante. All of these moves for Sparda are directly from the first game, including a non-devil trigger round trip.

In Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, Vergil uses the Force Edge in conjunction with the Yamato. In addition, the Force Edge replaces the Rebellion for Dante's Devil May Cry and "Legendary Dark Knight" costumes. It behaves exactly the same as the Rebellion, except that it changes all of Dante's Devil Triggers so that they resemble Sparda.


Devil May CryEdit

Action Command Description
Sparda Combo I B c,B c,B c A quick 3-hit combo.
Sparda Combo II B c,B c,-,B c,B c

Four-part combo which knocks back nearby foes before slashing down on those directly in front of you. When Sparda is awakened, you stab forward at the end.

Sparda Combo III B c,B c,—,B c (rapid) Quickly stab the enemy with blinding speed creating enough momentum to blast them backward.
High Time B r1+B d+B c Swing the sword in an upward rising motion, bashing up enemies into the air. Continue holding B c to jump, and B c again to slash down.
Round Trip[8] B c (hold and release) Throw the sword like a boomerang.
Thrust Kick[8] B c, B c, B c B c (Round Trip) Tri-level attack that ends by kicking the enemy into the air.
Stinger [8] B r1+B u+B c With lightning speed, plunge the sword into enemies. Level 2 plunges the sword from an even further distance.
Meteor [8] B r1+B s (ground, Devil Trigger) Shoot fireballs from the fists. Holding B s increases the power of the attack.
Air Raid Automatically activated only for the first half of the Mundus boss battle. Take flight and be capable of firing energy blasts. Press B s/B x to fire blasts.
Vortex B c (Air Raid) An intense spinning body attack that can serve as a defence and offence against Mundus.
Moeru oni Ryūha B l1 (Air Raid) Emit a giant spectral dragon which resembles Sparda. This attack consumes all of your DT Gauge and its power varies depending on how much the gauge was filled when summoned. Only available in the aerial fight against Mundus.

Devil May Cry 2Edit

Action Command Description
High Time B r1+B d+B t Slash an enemy up into the air.
Stinger B r1+B u+B t Powerful thrust unleashed after stepping forward.
Round Trip B t (hold and release) Throw the sword at enemies.
Sparda Combo I B t,B t,B t A quick 3-hit combo.
Sparda Combo II B t,B t,-,B t,B t

Four-part combo which knocks back nearby foes before slashing down on those directly in front of you.

Sparda Combo III B t,B t,—,B t (rapid) Quickly stab the enemy with blinding speed creating enough momentum to blast them backward.
Round Trip (air)[8] B t While in Air Raid in Devil Trigger Throw your sword like a boomerang while in the air.
Thrust Kick[8] B t, B t, B t B t (Round Trip) Tri-level attack that ends by kicking the enemy into the air.

  • Note: Certain Moves only apply to Trish.

Devil May Cry 3Edit

Action Command Description
Force Edge Combo B t,B t,B t,B t A flurry of strikes which links multiple hits from the sword and sheath into one deadly combo.
Helm Breaker B t (mid-air) A powerful swing that comes crashing down on the enemy's head. Level 2 is a quicker version.
Stinger B r1+B u+B t A powerful thrust attack that helps close the distance between you and the enemy. Level 2 is a stronger version that is quicker and covers more distance.
High Time B r1+B d+B t Use Force Edge to cut the enemy into the air. Hold B t to jump in the air for a possible follow-up attack.
Round Trip B t (hold and release) Hurl the Force Edge at a locked on enemy. You are limited to Yamato attacks while Force Edge is out of your hands.


Soul Edge SC2

The Soul Edge, as it appears in Namco Bandai's Soul Calibur series.

  • In the epilogue scene of Devil May Cry, Trish is shown wielding the Sparda at the same time Dante wields the Force Edge.
  • The awakened Sparda bears some resemblance to the demonic sword Soul Edge from Namco's Soul series.
  • Among all the weapons in the series, the Sparda has the highest number of known wielders (Sparda, Arkham, Vergil, Dante, Trish, Sanctus, and Nero). It is right above the Yamato, and the two blades share five wielders.
  • In the introductory cutscene of Devil May Cry 4, the Scarecrow blade that Nero steals resembles a rusted Sparda sword.
  • If the Sparda Devil Trigger in the first game is obtained via gameshark or similar device, the damage output will make short work of every boss and enemy in the game except Mundus.

Notes and referencesEdit

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