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Ultimate is one of the actions that is a part of the Royalgaurd Style in Devil May Cry 3. When executing this action, Dante will create an all-impervious force field that cannot be broken and transfers his life force into it.

Description Edit

When executing this move Dante will pull one his hands back and touch his rebellion by piercing it with his fingers, thus harnessing his demonic power, and pull his other hand in front of him, thus transferring the power into a tri-circular yellow force field. When done, Dante will be impervious o to all damage inflicted by enemies. However, the time this move lasts is limited.

Trivia Edit

  • Dante's Ultimate is stricken similar to Super Silver's Shield of Light move from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, such as the user channels and harnesses their own power and pulls up a force field that can nullify all attacks, though their power has a limit. Also the move is only obtained by an empowerment to the users power.

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