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Dante rocks he killed Deadpool nuf said..Dante and Nero are my favorites. Virgil's pretty beast, but those two are my all time favorites. Personality, I think they should have put Nero in UMVC3 instead of Virgil. It makes sense that they did though. Virgil's been in more games, and has more of a backstory than Nero. It's EPIC that Nero is Virgil's son. DMC FOREVER !

There should be a DMC Fanon wiki. It'd be EPIC. If there is one, somebody give me a link !thumb|240px|right On my YT channel, that you can find, just by clicking on my website, I have alot of DMC tracks, and a few AMV's. I didn't create them, but they're just some I have. My favorite MDC game is DMC4.

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