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  • I live in Fort Valley, Georgia
  • I was born on February 27
  • I am male
  • AJP27

    Given that there hasn't been much activity on this Wikia's blog, I'd hope no one would mind me opining about what writers I'd believe that could make some entertaining storylines for games or adaptations:

    • Tim Burton: Given the Gothic aesthetic of his films, I'd say he'd be a good pick to collaborate either on videogame or some other adaptation. I'd certainly love it they could work in this line from Batman-1989 in somehow as some characters of a superstitious, cowardly lot describing Dante: "Every punk in this town is scared stiff. They say he can't be killed... They say he drinks blood".
    • Jim Butcher: As the author of the Dresden Files, which is about a wizard who works as a detective solving cases of a supernatural character involving anyt…
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  • AJP27

    Before I continue, I'd wish to acknowledge some of the ideas that LegionZero had thought of in another Blog post that I had written. Here are some things I'd like to see in a potential DMC2 remake. As I noted in an earlier blog post, these are just my own ideas. For those who disagree other people's opinions, don't be disrespectfully going Apes**ting) about it and instead maintain civil discussion.

    • 1. Storyline: It would start off showing Dante traversing the Demon world trying to find a way out to return to the Human world and then comes across a medallion that allows him to send messages to himself back in time (Yeah I know it's copying an idea used in MK9, but it was a clever way of justifying a reboot/remake with an in-universe explanat…
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  • AJP27

    As my first Blog post, I'd like to share what I'd like to see in future games of the Devil May Cry series. They aren't in any order of preference of what I'd think would be better or not. Also, keep in mind this my personal list and if you disagree with some I have nothing against you and wish for you to respect mine and others' opinions.

    • 1. Devil May Cry 4 story explanations in DMC4:SE: This is obviously going to be the first on my, and many other fans', wish list. Particularly pertaining to how Nero is descended from Sparda and what his connection to Vergil is. Yes, I am aware that there is Deadly Fortune which has some explanations, but I'd personally prefer that they would retcon out some details such as the assumption by Fortuna's resi…
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