• Aaron.chandler577

    ok so the rest of the devil may cry series came out in usa so it must have came out in other states and country as well.

    i never worried bout it notcoming out in pellcity thats were i buy my fav games..realy i want to be calm and happy..but...well point is i want to know were its coming out...its bad enough there making it for xbox one..realy that system is expensive

    so disapointed..realy...if the usa is in west maybe you should change your mind after all lots of people bout your games there right?..adn devil may cry must have sold alot a big fan of th game adn you guys as well.and im looking foward to the game

    now im not surre if usa is in west or not but pellcity is part of the us i think

    if any of you guys know if the …

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