Vergil Fan Art

1. Vergil

Probably the best swordsman of DMC. It's been said the only reason Dante beat Vergil was because Dante continued to get weapons and power from enemies while Vergil did not. If the shoe were on the other foot Vergil would have killed Dante.

Nero DT DMC4

2. Nero

The Prodigal offspring of Vergil. People say Nero is inferior however this is probably due to the him being 2-thirds human and 1-third demon. Also he was created weaker so he would continue to improve and get better in later titles that we'll most likely never see. Nero does however have a wider and more varied and powerful moveset than Dante or vergil who generally have two to three combos with one weapon which is why they get multiples of weapons and Nero only received one. He did get more power for his devil bringer. It really would be good if Nero had a true Devil Form I must say. but he is a solid character.

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