I'd like to share a special moment with you all: My first anniversary on this wiki! Ok, I'm a week or so late for the actual anniverstary, but I'm close enough! I didn't actually notice the anniversary had arrived until after it already passed, and then I put off writing about it for a few more days because I'm lazy.

So, how has this wiki changed in a year? Well, in the year since I've been here...

  • We've grown by about 100 pages.
  • We wrote walkthroughs for DMC 1 and are in the process of making a walkthrough for 2.
  • We added the navbars at the bottom of most of the game-related pages.
  • Our stock of pictures has increased by about 400.
  • We enabled and customized achievements.
  • We revamped the category system.
  • We overhauled our wiki theme and background image.
  • Most of our character and enemy articles now conform to a standard layout.
  • We've made new friends!

... Is that everything? It's hard to imagine that it's already been a year, and yet, look at how much we've accomplished!

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