So, what would people think of enabling Achievements on this wiki? I know we're kind of a small wiki, but I still think that they would be nice. I was thinking we could create a chain of achievements based on the style ranking. For example, make 15 edits to pages in the "Devil May Cry" category earns you a "Dull" ranking. Make 30 edits, get a "Cool!" achievement, etc. Make edits to "Devil May Cry 4" cagetory articles, get achievements named "Deadly", "Carnage", "Brutal", and so forth.

There could be achievements for all edits, too, not just those falling under a certain category. For your first edit, you earn the rank of "Devil Hunter," for your 25th edit, you become a "Demon Slayer," (or something, these are just examples,) then a "Conquerer", and all the way up to "Legendary Dark Knight."

The Styles could become achievements, too, for posts or what not. "Royalguard" could be give if you undo or roll back a post to combat vandalism, "Trickster" if you create a blog post, "Swordmaster" for, I dunno, something. And so forth.

I'm sure there are tons of things we can create achievements for! I think they'd be fun. Smiley Do you have any ideas?

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