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Anobi May 20, 2013 User blog:Anobi

Hello, Devil Hunters! Thanks a million for all your help in battling the forces of darkness and making this wiki as awesome as it can be. I think we can form an even better community by putting forth a Code of Conduct for the wiki. It doesn't have to be anything long and detailed, just something simple and based on the general community guidelines.

For example:

Assume good faith: Assume that most edits are well-intentioned and, if a user makes an error, try to correct it and help the user grow as an editor rather than just reverting the edit.
Treat fellow devil hunters with respect: Be respectful when communicating with others, and not condescending, abrasive, or belittling. This includes what is posted in edit summaries.
Have fun: Remember that we're all here to have fun! This is a wiki, not a forced labor camp.

Would this be something we should consider adding? What else would you want to see included in a Code of Conduct? (Or should this be called our Code of Honor???)

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