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  • Dante-Must-Die-Mode

    Happy 2017 Everyone!

    Well, besides of other new games that was already been announced last year that is going to be release at the following months this year. There's no news whether there's new game for our beloved series. Until the very last day of December, Hideaki Itsuno--director of Rival Schools, Power Stone and Devil May Cry--just announced on his twitter that he's going to announce a new game.

    Although, it never explain what kind of game is it--either a new IP or a sequel to the three games that I've mentioned above--is up for speculation.

    But, despite of this announcement, a lot of fans we're seeking for Devil May Cry 5 (not to be confused by the rebooted one). Including Hideki Kamiya--original director of the very first Devil May Cr…

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  • Dante-Must-Die-Mode

    So here it is, a theory about Dante's personal age. Please do enjoy and also, live a comment about Dante's personal age.

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  • Dante-Must-Die-Mode

    This keeps buzzing me for a while now. What do you think? Do you think Capcom is a big fan of Power Rangers or they just did this because they were intended to do so.

    As I search around so many profiles on their iMBD page, the likes of Daniel Southworth, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Reuben Langdon were involve in the Devil May Cry projects are also involve in the Power Rangers series coincidentally.

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  • Dante-Must-Die-Mode

    Everything has it's end though... So that means, there's no such thing as "forever" as every thing has it's own beginning and it's own ending.

    And Devil May Cry is one of them, because, well, why the f*** not? Devil May Cry is one of the best games I've ever played before since the dawn of the PS2 era. First game? Chronologically, it's Devil May Cry 3. Too bad I didn't play the original DMC1 because it's very rare here in the Philippines to buy that game.

    So, as I think about the legacy of DMC series, from Sparda fighting against Mundus, to Vergil against Dante, and Nero against Dante. I mean, there's no such thing as "Happy Family Reunion" with out fighting, right? So, as I think about it, what if... Capcom decides to end the book? What do …

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  • Dante-Must-Die-Mode

    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is the latest game from CAPCOM that improves it's gameplay and it's content. It also features numerous modes and introducing new playable and returning characters in this game.

    And for those who were itching for the next (legal, not the rebooted one) installment of Devil May Cry. Well, you might take a look at the "Heaven and Hell" Mode once you finish the game.

    According to the and HyperBitHero's Twitter. There's a message that CAPCOM gave thanks for those who were playing Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, which is a little bit flattering because somehow you manage to defeat everything after hard times of restarting and dying and finishing every single difficulty. But, here's a catch. After…

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