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    September 28, 2013 by DarkSlayer 3

    I beleieve Devil May Cry 4 takes place in Europe Mallet Island also looks like a Spansih Castle DMC2 area look French to me

    When shooting in the air while in D.T. Pandora will fire Charged Shots.

    How do you think Nelo Angelo would look in Devil Trigger. I say he should look like in DMC4 as Nero's Devil Trigger.

    Beast Uppercut, Rising Dragon, Divine Dragon, D.T., Air Hike (2X). That should give you a higher jump

    Beast Uppercut, Rising Dragon, Divine Dragon, Rainstorm in D.T. (looks BadaSSS)

    Heaven or Hell Mission 20

    Kill Sanctus

    Kill all enemies waves with Blue Rose.

    That's it...DarkSlayer 3 (talk) 18:49, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

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  • DarkSlayer 3

    Easy Berial Win Normal

    September 4, 2013 by DarkSlayer 3

    Strategy Use Maximum Bet one or two twice. Then use Showdown Aerial Buster Aerial Buster

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    I "started" a new Devil May Cry Fanon Wiki (the old one was ugh...")

    Heres the link if you would like to come to the wiki.

    Well, its under construction and is pretty rough right now and I need new admins so...

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  • DarkSlayer 3

    Could we get Capcom to make Devil May Cry 5 with a petition?

    If so then:

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    Fanfiction by DarkSlayer 3 (talk) 19:33, August 13, 2013 (UTC)

    • Nero
    • Vergil
    • Lady
    • Mundus
    • Lesser Demons

    Hearing rumors about his Father Nero sets out to find him.

    "It will be fun to fight with the prince of darkness"

    -Vergil's last words before being corrupted

    • DarkSlayer(Nero and Vergil)
    • Doppelganger(Vergil)
    • Buster(Nero)
    • Swordmaster(Nero/Vergil)
    • All the previous styles(Dante)


    Devil Hunter


    Legendary Dark Knight

    _____ Must Die

    • Ichigo costume (Nero)
    • Sparda costume
    • Viewtiful Joe armor(Dante)
    • DMC1 Dante
    • DMC2 Dante
    • Bloody Palace
    • Vergil Alternate(Hair brushed down with Coatless Vergil Attire)

    • Nero
    • Vergil
    • Dante(unlockable campaign set after DMC2)(18 missions)
    • Lady(min-game)

    Rebellion Yamato(Nero and Vergil)V-some missions also unlockable for new game+


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