Now I know that most of you might hate for saying this

But I don't care, I like the new Dante. He's just darn right awesome.

What I find awesome about it is that it pictures Dante looking more like a human, and there ain't anybody that has the same amount of humanity as Dante.

I like the whole new look for him.

Now I hope that we 'might' see Vergil because it's suppose to talk about his origins, about how Dante became Dante, there is no bigger influence than Vergil himself. Perhaps stuff will happen and Dante's character would develop more (I still like the black hair though, it's a nice pick for a reboot). Perhaps we'll see him being called "Tony" more than once because that's was his name while he was yet to become a mercenary. The dude might even have horrible flashbacks maybe about his real mom who died and that he wanted to forget. I kinda saw what they were trying to do really, they liked the fact about Dante being a show off and go all "in- your-face" on his enemies and for DMC4 that's why they brought in Nero on to the screen. Nero was just a kid, he was cocky, rebellious and awesome with that Devil Bringer thing but they forgot that the DMC storyline was suppose to be solely one Dante...

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