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    This will be updated as more info becomes available.

    Last update January 10th

    This blog is to act as a primer for anything and everything for DmC: Devil May Cry. Everything contained within are elements that are known from watching gameplay streams, reading interviews, and otherwise paying attention. The info is usually linked somewhere within this article or from specific articles I link to. Since this is on the Devil May Cry Wikia, there will be a copious amount of links to different articles on the wiki, which can and should be followed for more in-depth looks at what is talked about to get a much greater understanding of the game and its concepts.

    This blog is for anyone who has wanted to know more about the game, or anyone who is skeptical of…

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    DmC Findings

    April 11, 2012 by Derekoe

    Okay, so there's a bunch of videos of DmC gameplay out. I'm gonna just compile a list as a reference and we can fill out other articles with the info compiled here. If you see anything that can be added, comment about it n.n

    [1] / [2] = Gun Attack

    [3] / [4] = Sword Attack

    [5] / [6] = Launch Attack (Hold to rise up with target)

    [7] / [8] = Jump

    [9] / [10] or [11] / [12] = Dodge (Can be done in midair now!)

    [13] / [14] = Angel Shift

    / = Devil Shift

    LS = Move Character

    RS = Move Camera

    L3 + R3 = Devil Trigger

    D-Pad Up = Change Gun

    D-Pad Left = Change Angel Weapon

    D-Pad Right = Change Demon Weapon

    • Attacks and Abilities that use different weapons are done by simply holding in one of the "Shift" triggers and pressing a corresponding button, like using LT…

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    Was messing around in Photoshop today to dust off my skills, decided to take the good ol' VJ Dante image and modify it. I give you...

    VmC: Viewtiful May Cry


    UPDATE! - Last night I got a wild idea, and decided to try making a music video about DmC, specifically the two

    brothers and their battle in Limbo City. It's not the best thing ever, but I'm sorta proud of myself, if even just for not dumping the project half-way through the night, haha. Hope you get a kick out of it n.n

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    Hey there, all. Sorry if I didn't put this in the right place. I don't mean for it to be super-important, but I just wanted to give you all here a heads up that the book I've been writing has just entered the publication phases. All of you here seem to be my target audience as well, since we're all fans of similar things, and very creative, so I figure I might as well market to you, so you guys don't miss out n.n

    For now, you can check out my random little blog that will keep you abreast of my processes and whatnot, and you can even see the cover art for the book there. I hope you guys will be interested, and maybe even become fans, so we can go on this ride together!

    Again, sorry if this is in a wrong section …

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    DMC HD Collection Images

    February 20, 2012 by Derekoe

    So, the DMC HD Collection coming out also comes with the prospect of the wiki being able to snag some really nice high quality images. I suppose there could be a general call-out to the rest of the wiki community that if they can find/get images from the HD collection, we can replace their applicable images on the wiki with them?

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