Okay, so there's a bunch of videos of DmC gameplay out. I'm gonna just compile a list as a reference and we can fill out other articles with the info compiled here. If you see anything that can be added, comment about it n.n

Confirmed Control Scheme (PS3 / XB360)

B s / Bx x = Gun Attack

B t / Bx y = Sword Attack

B c / Bx b = Launch Attack (Hold to rise up with target)

B x / Bx a = Jump

B l1 / Bx lb or B r1 / Bx rb = Dodge (Can be done in midair now!)

B l2 / Bx lt = Angel Shift

B r2 / Bx rt = Devil Shift

LS = Move Character

RS = Move Camera

L3 + R3 = Devil Trigger

D-Pad Up = Change Gun

D-Pad Left = Change Angel Weapon

D-Pad Right = Change Demon Weapon

  • Attacks and Abilities that use different weapons are done by simply holding in one of the "Shift" triggers and pressing a corresponding button, like using LT+Y for a scythe attack with Osiris
  • L1 and R1 both being used for dodging was done because there are also Angel and Demon dodges with different effects, and this makes it easier on one's fingers to push L2+R1 and R2+L1
  • There is no active Lock button, allowing for more omnidirectional fighting. As such, attacks like High Time are now mapped to a specific "Launch" button, but more applicably it might be called a "Vertical" attack button, since it's also used for dropping attacks like Helm Breaker

Weapons & Attacks

Each weapon comes with their own effects that make them better for one situation over another, and sometimes enemies come color-coded and can only be harmed by weapons of a certain alignment.

Pause combos return, and offer a signal for better timing by a gleam moving across the weapon and into a shine, denoting the point at which to input the next key to continue into a different attack string. Pause combos can also be mix and matched, for instance beginning the pause combo for Rebellion (Death Coil) and using the Angel Mode attack inputs to end with Osiris' pause combo (Cleaver).

It's also possible to cancel out of certain moves with others, like being able to perform a Stinger > Trillion Stabs > Hightime combo leading into some aerial combat.

Ebony & Ivory (Twin Pistols)

Weaker guns that allow for rapid fire shots to juggle opponents in the air

  • Charge Shot = Charge up magic and fire off shots that ricochet off mulitple enemies
  • Inverse Rain Storm = Jump up while spinning, firing off rounds in all directions
  • Rain Storm = Spin upside-down, razing the ground beneath you with bullets

- The Shotgun is set to reappear as well, thanks to its mention in GameStop's preorder bonus.

All other weapons have had their skill lists implemented into their respective articles. Arbiter, Osiris, Eryx, and Rebellion (DmC) are known so far.


It seems that some abilities are dependant on the "mode" Dante is currently in (Human, Angel, or Demon), and not what particular weapon is equipped, like his attacks. These "mode specific" actions are...

  • Double Jump (Air Hike) = Human = Jump again in the air
  • Glide (Sky Star) = Angel = Slide horizontally through the air
  • Angel Lift (Hell Bound) = Angel = Grapple a target and pull yourself to them
  • Demon Pull (Snatch) = Demon = Pull an enemy to you, or rip shields off of enemies
  • Angel Dodge = Angel = Dash in a direction with more invincibility frames
  • Demon Dodge = Demon = Dodge away to slow time and power up your next attack (Dante's hands glow red)
  • Enemy Step = Human = Jump off an enemy's head to reach higher
    • Jump Cancel = With the return of Enemy Step, Jump Cancels return for DmC, seen executed to perform a double Helm Breaker

Vitality Gauge, Devil Trigger & Red Orbs

The top-left corner of the HUD shows off Dante's Vitality, which was previously a segmented bar, but is now a solid meter. Enemy attacks will reduce the meter, and of course, when it is emptied, Dante will fall.

Below the Vitality gauge sits the purple Devil Trigger meter, which fills from attacks dealt and damage taken. The meter starts out somewhat small, but then when is full, the whole meter extends. The meter's default length is how much is required to first activate Devil Trigger, and any extra meter is added on to the supplemental meter (Dante's total max DT available). This is similar to the older titles where DT required at least three "Runes" in order to use his Devil Form.

Devil Trigger promotes aerial combat by reducing the speed at which the DT gauge depletes when you're in the air, and even pops enemies up into the air. Going into DT can also give you access to different actions to perform against certain foes.

Red Orbs are still rewarded for killing enemies, and the amount acquired is modified by Dante's Style rank when he defeats them. The number of acquired Red Orbs can be seen at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Red Orbs will be used to purchase new abilities and other upgrades at Divinity Statues, just like in the older titles.

Style Rank

The Style system returns for DmC, and is slightly more accessible. This new system is much more informative, showing not only how many Style points a player is earning, but also how much each attack gives them, which seems to directly correlate to how effective the attack is against an enemy. Each new rank reached multiplies the current Style score, and in turn increases the amount of Red Orbs the player receives when defeating an enemy.

  • Dirty - x2
  • Cruel - x3
  • Brutal - x4
  • Anarchic - x5
  • Savage - x6
  • SSadistic - x7
  • SSSensational - x8(?)

The highest rank currently achieved will be retained after inactivity, but will require build-up before the next rank can be reached. Melee weapons are still the best way of increasing the Style meter quickly, while guns like E&I are helpful to retain the current level on a rank, and to help vary attack options so that moves don't become repetitive. Attacks that land on shields will not increase the Style meter, so it would seem only attacks that deal damage will suffice (with damage directly linked to the points you'll gain).

There are also several point additions (I'm calling them Secondary Additives randomly :p) that can be gained by dealing with enemies in certain ways.

  • Cool/Great/Awesome/Extreme (Air) Streak = Perform longer and longer combos on the same target
  • Aerial Kill = Defeat an enemy while you're both in midair
  • Juggle Kill = Defeat an enemy while they're above you
  • Flawless Kill = Defeat a series of enemies in quick succession (or) without getting hit
  • Double/Triple Kill = Defeat multiple enemies with the same strike
  • Evade = Dodge just as an enemy's attack is going to hit Dante, the closer the attack is to landing before you dodge away, the greater reward earned
  • Parry = Deflect an incoming enemy attack with your own. Parrying usually stops an enemy dead in their tracks, and may offer a unique action to use against them

Many of these can even appear in tandem with each other, like "Extreme Flawless Triple Kill!" and the like. If Dante is struck by an enemy attack the Style rank will drop two grades, and all points accrued disappear!

Videos Used For References;MoreCapcomAnnounceme

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