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  • Devilmaycry01

    HD Collection is back!

    December 10, 2017 by Devilmaycry01

    Hey Guys,

    just a quick post to spread the joy and thoughts.... it looks like its confirmed for March of 2018 that the HD collection will be making its way into the next gen consoles....and PC(hopefully we can play dmc 3 with good controls) I hope this is a way of the series staying relevant and hope we get a new game soon......

    here is the full article to read more, but more will be revealed with time.

    Share your thoughts :)


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  • Devilmaycry01

    this is more to inform those that do not know YET lol but dmc:devil may cry will be coming to the new gen consoles AND Devil May Cry 4 Special edition (which ofcourse will feature Vergil) as well ! so save a little money for the summer of 2015!  [here is the video if you haven't seen it(watch till the end)] :D Happy Holidays !!!

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