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So from what I've seen a  lot of people believe that the Devil May Cry Timeline goes DMC3 - DMC1 - DMC4 - DMC 2. However some beleive that such isn't possible, as in DMC 4 Dante is of a larger build and Lady has matured significantly. DMC 2 can't possibly explain that, and in DMC 4 the game treats itself as if it is a sequal to the original DMC. So I have a proposal what if, the order of the games really goes like this: DMC3 - DMC2 - DMC1 - DMC4. This is supported by various things found in the game.

  • In DMC 2 Dante can run on walls in various diffirent ways, just like in DMC 3, but in DMC 1 and 4, Dante no longer uses these methods suggesting he is older in those.
  • Dante's hair is shorter in DMC 2 suggesting that after DMC 3 he cut it and it grew back by the time of DMC 1
  • When Lucia goes to Devil May Cry in DMC 2 Trish isn't there, suggesting it came before DMC. It is also unlikely that in the time between DMC1 and 2 Trish left.
  • As mentioned earlier this explains why in DMC 2 Dante is so skinny.
  • Dante has a less promonent personality in DMC2 hinting that he is not used to his older age.
  • As mentioned before DMC 4 treats itself as if it's the sequel to DMC 1, even having a remix of DMC's battle theme for Dante hinting they come back to back.

Evidence against this:

  •  Dante's coat could have made him look a bit bigger in DMC 4. Comparing DMC3 Dante before and after he puts his coat on.
    • DMC2s coat seems to be made of a generally a thinner material, closed, and form fitting, it's possible that Dante only seems thinner.
  •  A Japanese CD drama (supposedly) states the reason behind Trish leaving is because she wanted to explore the human world. 
  • Hair length could be trivial. Matter of fact the ending scene of DMC 3 has Dante with his DMC1 hair style and clothes, hinting DMC1 might comes after.
  •  In DMC2, the coin Dante uses has Trish on it, suggesting he uses it as a memento
  • Dante's DMC4 cutscenes feature more acrobatics than DMC2

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