The next game should be longer and more action packed. Some kind of demonic scientist got hold of Vergil's blood from Temi ni gru from Dante's fight with Vergil in the tower's basement. The scientist took vergil's blood and cloned Vergil and fused demonic essense so Vergil is stronger. The game begins when Nero can no longer activate his devil trigger because the phantom disappeared. I believe that Nero's trigger phantom is Vergil's soul. When the clone the scientist made is finished, Vergil's soul takes over the body and Vergil is back, stronger than ever. This time Vergil is darker and has shoulder-length long white hair with a whole new get-up. Vergil kills the scientist and attacks Nero to get Yomato back. When Nero barely escapes with his life without Yomato,  he goes to the only person that may be able to help, Dante. Dante goes up against Vergil but almost gets killed. I have not figured out what Vergil's motives are but im working on it.The demons should be demons instead of the sand based bastards on DMC3. DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SHOULD KEEP PLAYERS AT THE EDGE OF THEIR SEATS! DMC FANS! PLEASE TELL WHAT YOU ALL THINK OF MY IDEAS!

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