I recently beat the story of Devil May Cry 4, and, while the last few parts were frustrating, getting past them was satisfying. The whole game is one of the most damn awesome things I ever played, and ever since I started playing I've been getting ideas. I've got an idea for my own game series, a role-playing game that's kinda like the Final Fantasy series (with a little Megami Tensei and lots of mythological references thrown in). But I am also interested in the idea of a role-playing game with gameplay that incorporates elements from the Devil May Cry series, at least as far as combat goes.

I'm sure your basic Attack command could be executed by a certain button, but what about skills, like magic spells or other physical skills? Also, it would have a world map with enemy encounters, like in Final Fantasy, so how would world map encounters work?

If you're looking for a kind of painted picture, play Devil May Cry 4 (or any other Devil May Cry game if the gameplay is that similar throughout all the games in the series), and then any the Final Fantasy games between Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy X. GalaxiaWild 19:47, January 5, 2012 (UTC)

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