There's something I just don't get. I understand that the point of the series is that the protagonist(s) kill demons. But why are angels considered demons just like the other enemies we kill. In the article, it says that "..."angel" is simply a demon with angelic shape and powers or a human who has undergone the Ascension Ceremony and achieved such form..." does this mean that angels are little more than a breed of demon? Also, what about the Savior, and Sanctus? Savior is pretty much the closest thing to God the series (Berial even comments, "A human posing as God? How ridiculous."), but even so Savior is classed a demon, or a demon worshipped as a god. Sanctus is also said to have gained demonic power, even having a form called Sanctus Diabolica. This doesn't appear to make sense, since we all know who and what Sanctus effectively is. And in the Ascension Ceremony, people assume angelic form but actually just become demons. I seriously don't get it. GalaxiaWild 16:19, January 5, 2012 (UTC)

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