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  • Hackandslash1994

    all we know is capcom gave rights to ninja theory to make a ****** reboot , but that doesn't necessarily mean that ninja theory is the new owner , capcom could still be the owner of the franchise and that was just a one off permission , like when dc gave rights to netherrealm studios to create mk vs dc universe and injustice , dc is still the owner of dc content , not netherrealm , so i'm hoping that's what happened here , i still hope capcom has remained the owner of the dmc franchise ...  , dmc4 obviously had some new staff , it was a semi reboot of it's own actually , since they redesigned everyone and everything . so can we hope for a dmc 5 by the people who bought us dmc 4 ? any chance at all ? or maybe another freelance company will …

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  • Hackandslash1994

    Can't get enough of dmc ? join the fanon wiki!

    you are strongly advised to read the policy and manual of style before making any edit!

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  • Hackandslash1994

    Guys , just click chat , it will open a new window ,write a message and leave the window be and keep it minimised , then wait for somebody to come online while you do other work

    i know chat is a new feature but seriously guys , every wiki i go to , nobody uses the chat feature , its ridiculous nobody knows how to use it .. i really want to share views with a mutual dmc fan

    if you think im rambling then dont hate

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