• HighAngelWings

    Ever heard of a lullabye? Those sweet songs your parents sang to you to make you shut up and go to sleep? Well imagine what the lullabyes would be like for our favorite DMC characters. Yeah. Feel free to write a lullabye with your favorite character (or villian) singing it to either A: a random kid or B: The kid version of a Devil May Cry Character. Also if the tune is from another lullabye please say so so we all pretty much know how it goes. I wonder what kind of Lullabyes they heard when they were children?

    Here's mine:

    Rock-A-Bye Dante (Tune: Rock-a-bye Baby)

    Trish singing this to young Dante

    "Rock a-bye Dante in hiiis shop

    When the demons come he'll kill them with one shot

    Then Mundus comes thinking he'll win

    Sadly he'll get his ass beaten i…

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