• Hulksmash003

    Hey b0sses! I'm back! (Nobody will probably remember me ( ‾ʖ̫‾)) Just in case you do remember me (pls im lonely) I disappeared off the face of this wiki on January 20, 2014, right after I made a dumb-as-shit edit on the sacred Dante page.

    It was also the day my fat, overworked, and whiney ps3 dropped dead. I had almost no experience with DMC after that fateful day, and my school workload JUST decide to pile up again after that. So here I am, trying to get my feet wet (Is that a popular analogy? Find out on JEOPARDY Tonight!) with the DMC4 remaster and the dreaded DmC remaster, too. I'm broke as shit, though, and I really need that Pandora for my shitty job at Wendy's (I'm still in high school!) so I'm trying to pull through. 

    Although the ed…

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  • Hulksmash003


    January 3, 2014 by Hulksmash003

    While some of you might know this, it is still a shocker. There is a bundle of PS3 titles from 2013 which are free if you are a PS Plus member coming out this month with refined graphics. Among The Awesome titles is Bioshock Infinite, the Indie horror Don't Starve (Although it's a PS4 game released this year) and Dmc: Devil May Cry. Wow! Those are some great titles! Wait... Dmc: Devil may Cry! Oh god, I'm crying! ;_; Anyways, they didn't include DMC HD Collection because it wasn't released in 2013. Post Your thoughts about this atrocious desicion to let such filth in a great games collection!

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  • Hulksmash003


    October 20, 2013 by Hulksmash003

    I need to ask you a very important question. WHERE THE F**K DO YOU GET ALL OF YOURV INFORMATION? I've looked everywhere, searched the shadier parts of the Interwebs, and I get nothing! Tell me, or I'll go BERZERK!!! (Eminem reference intended)

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  • Hulksmash003

    Breaking news!

    July 16, 2013 by Hulksmash003

    As I was traversing through the complex web of the DMC wiki, I saw some Hell Prides that were looking for a beating. So naturally, I took out my sword and Stingered through one of them. I noticed it was the Orbs section. I scampered across it and found white orbs. They were made out of crystalised demon tears. So, a Devil does cry!


                                                                                                              P.S. I never knew why the characters never made heads or tails out of that. 

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  • Hulksmash003


    July 12, 2013 by Hulksmash003

    As I was Air-Raiding through the Devil May Cry Wiki, I noticed the Jester wand poll. I was wondering, if Dante could use it (The Wand), What exactly would it be? Just post the classification (Gun, Sword, Even a weapon designed for Trickster Style), Its moves, appearance, etc. Remember, this is from Devil May Cry 3, so you cvan add as many Crazy combos as you like.

    This is my version, and an example of what you should do.

    It's a purple sword-like thing with a cylinder instead of a blade, a handle that is streaked with purple, red, white, and blue. Its moveset is:

    Wand combo 1: 3 slashes fllowed by a devastating swing  surrounding you, knocking back all enemies around you.

    Wand Combo 2: Two stabs emanating energy followed by a slash shooting a w…

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