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   As I am an avid follower of the PS4 (Got it on Day One), I have extremely sad news for the Devil May Cry Wiki Community (Not really)

While some of you might know this, it is still a shocker. There is a bundle of PS3 titles from 2013 which are free if you are a PS Plus member coming out this month with refined graphics. Among The Awesome titles is Bioshock Infinite, the Indie horror Don't Starve (Although it's a PS4 game released this year) and Dmc: Devil May Cry. Wow! Those are some great titles! Wait... Dmc: Devil may Cry! Oh god, I'm crying! ;_; Anyways, they didn't include DMC HD Collection because it wasn't released in 2013. Post Your thoughts about this atrocious desicion to let such filth in a great games collection!

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